MIS-ter Is IT Aspirin

For small and midsized businesses (SMBs), finding reliable support isn’t as easy as it sounds.  But keeping their computers and networks running smoothly is as just as important as it is for bigger companies.  Often companies have the skills to maintain them, they just run out of time to do it.  And while hiring engineers would be nice, paying them is costly and retaining them is even harder.  As a result, the “break-fix” model that’s usually adopted means help won’t be called until after catastrophe strikes.  This is like waiting until a car’s engine blows to call the mechanic instead of checking the oil occasionally.  And the bill to recover from an IT failure is often catastrophic in itself.  And that’s where MIS-ter comes in.

We are SMB IT experts and we fill the support gap with IT options to fit any budget.  Our onsite and remote services are designed to keep SMBs computers and networks running smoothly.  We offer them on a per hour, flat rate or monthly basis, and each has its own benefit.  While our managed services require a monthly commitment, they include things like support time, email accounts, office apps, and more.  In contrast, our hourly and flat rates require no contract but also contain none of the extras.

MIS-ter is like IT aspirin.  No matter the type of support, we help businesses organize IT assets, streamline IT services, and save time and money.  We’re the cure for the small and midsized business IT headaches.

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