Attended and Unattended Remote Support

MIS-ter’s remote support can quickly diagnose and resolve most computer and network issues over the internet.  Using our remote tools we can also install software, train users, and perform maintenance on everything from computers to websites.

When a customer has a computer problem, we’ll first attempt to solve it with our remote tools which is designed to save them time, money and convenience.  But if we can’t resolve it fairly quickly via our remote tools, we can have someone onsite within a few hours.

And for convenience, we have the ability to connect remotely to hosts unattended once employees leave for lunch or at the end of their workday. Our remote control tools can also provide one-time and / or non-expiring access to their computer(s) so that work can be completed when they're not using it.

Like our onsite service, we offer other ways of getting service.  For instance, we provide blocks of remote support with guaranteed response times at reduced rates.  And clients within range have the option of converting remote service1 into onsite service.  So no matter the support need, be it computer, network, web, we have a solution

1 – Must be within onsite support range

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