Gold Membership

Gold Membership Highlights: 

  • 2-hours of dedicated Remote Support per month
  • 4-hours of dedicated Onsite Support per month
  • Scheduled service call(s) every month
  • 25% discount off other standard hourly and flat rates
  • Member-only discounts on hardware and software
  • Annual or monthly subscription
  • Flexible payment options

Gold Membership

Designed for small businesses with 10 or more employees who need onsite and remote support bi-weekly or monthly.

Paying standard hourly support rates for IT service can add up quickly when problems occur.   MIS-ter’s memberships offer a minimum 15% discount on all support services and most include remote, onsite and some flat rate services so members only need to ask for help when trouble hits.

Gold membership benefits also include:

  • 2-hours Remote Support per month (a $290 value!)
  • 4-hours Onsite Support per month (a $580 value!)
  • Systems security and hardening
  • Back office applications and automation
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Email and spam filtering
  • Video conferencing
  • 25% discount off standard hourly rates
  • 25% discount off all Flat Rate Services
  • Gold level discounts on hardware and software purchases
  • Annual or monthly subscription
  • 2-hour response time
  • Travel time included
Support Type

"Silver" Remote Support, "Silver" Onsite Support


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