Onsite Service Types:

  1. Onsite Managed Service - (Monthly Subscription)
  2. Onsite Non-Managed Service - (Standard Hourly)

Our Onsite Managed Service bundles combine onsite support visits with other IT services to provide simple, one-stop solutions.  For instance we provide business email and accounts, cloud storage, office applications, security, backups, and more.   And while our service bundles include onsite and remote support, clients can choose between weekly, monthly and bi-monthly visits.

MIS-ter’s Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) provide the highest level of client service and conveniences that we can offer.  These bundles use technology to help clients remain as efficient as possible as they grow.  For example, office automation can free employees up from doing repetitive tasks.  And single-sign-on means logging in to all of their accounts is a breeze.  We include conveniences like these along with support, office apps, backups, security, and more to complete the client’s service.  And while we include support time in each package, we also offer additional blocks of time at reduced rates.

We also offer non-managed services that provide the same quality support at our standard hourly rates.  But these services don’t come with additional support, discounts or benefits and only provide a limited 30-day warranty.

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