Need a Decoder Ring?

Do your eyes glaze over when someone speaks in technical terms you don’t understand?  Do you feel like you need a decoder ring just to talk to technical people these days?

MIS-ter filters out the noise and techno-babble and speaks in layman’s terms that even non-techies can understand.  We take on roles such as technical lead, project manager and psuedo-translator for our customers.  We study their environments and services to become subject matter experts for any of their mutual needs.  This allows them and their providers to communicate with less confusion so that both their and their vendor’s needs are met in a timely, organized manner.  The result is a streamlined experience for all parties with as few surprises as possible.

We know the right questions to ask when a client needs to evaluate the risks and technical issues involved with adding a new product or service.  And we have the skills and experience to work with vendors and ensure the new IT services are delivered successfully.

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