Managed Security Services

  • Firewalls, WAFs, IDS/IPS, VPNs, SIEMs, etc.
  • Web, network, and computer security solutions
  • Virus and malware monitoring and remediation
  • Front / Back end server and systems hardening
  • System backup, System / Data recovery, Disaster preparedness

Malware Remediation and Hacked Site Cleaning

Has your website been infected with malware or hacked?  Do you need it repaired and back up and running as soon as possible?  We can help!

If you believe your site’s been compromised, call us for a free, no-hassle security scan that will identify malware, expose security breaches and assist in getting your website back online as soon as possible.

Systems Hardening

Is your business’ information security as tight as it can be?  Contact us to schedule a vulnerability assessment and systems hardening audit to learn how to bulletproof your IT infrastructure and systems.

Web Application Firewall

Our security partner is one of the largest in the world with engineers and data centers distributed in close proximity to ISPs worldwide.  This allows them more reliable and faster loading and scanning speeds of their  content delivery network (CDN) and network layer – web application firewall (WAF) service.  Since our clients are also added to their CDN, their sites usually experience a significant boost in performance as well as the unmatched security.

Website Monitoring

Proactive malware monitoring should be performed on every production web-server at least every 24 hours but ideally every 4 hours.  With our monitoring services, if something changes on the system, we’ll alert you.

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