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What We Do

Located along the peninsula and serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area, MIS-ter supports small to medium-sized business information systems, services and IT infrastructure including:

Support For

  • Computers, Networks, Equipment and Peripherals
  • Internet, Email, Cloud, Application and Data Services
  • Office Apps, Automation and Productivity Tools
  • Web Development, Hosting and Maintenance
  • Social Media Integration and SEO Campaigns
  • Computer, Network, Web, and Internet Security

Designed for SMBs

Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are in rough territory when it comes to technical support.  Engineers are expensive to hire and difficult to retain as employees which means most SMBs don’t benefit by hiring their own IT staff and that’s where MIS-ter comes in.

We offer technical support options designed to fit any small to midsized business model and budget, from basic hourly support to a complete suite of subscription-based monthly managed service options that can save money and provide additional benefits.

How It Works

Most small to midsized businesses either don’t want to or can’t afford to hire and pay their own tech support engineers so we try to fill that gap with technical support options designed specifically for them.

Through our monthly Onsite subscription services, we provide blocks of Onsite support time and dedicated engineers at discounted rates.  We also provide 2-hour response times, a 90-day warranty on all work performed and other benefits that only subscription-based customers get to enjoy.

For small businesses, MIS-ter’s monthly Remote subscription plans allow the remote support time to be converted into onsite support time a certain number of times per month.