What We Do

MIS-ter provides technical support and IT services for small to midsized businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We provide support for computers, networks, security and most internet needs.

  • Computers, Networks, Equipment and Appliances
  • All Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  • PCs, Servers, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Other mobiles
  • Email, Cloud, Web, Office Apps, Productivity Tools
  • Proactive Maintenance, Monitoring and Administration
  • Systems Security and Hardening
  • Web Development, Hosting, Security and Maintenance
  • SEO Strategy, Social Media and SEO Integration

Subscription, Hourly, Flat Rate

We offer technical services in a few different flavors for convenience:

Onsite, Remote, Web, Security

We offer Managed (subscription), Un-managed (standard hourly) and flat rates for:

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MIS-ter is like it aspirin

  • Do you have unanswered technical questions?
  • Are your computers and network running slow?
  • Do you have security concerns about your network, computers or website?
  • Are your systems being backed up?
  • Do you just want to get the most of your business technology?
  • Want us to show you how you can save money on your IT budget and still get the best support available?

Here To Help

We are tenacious problem solvers and passionate about helping businesses get the most out of their technology.  If you're pulling your hair out over your business IT issues why not give us a call and let us resolve your headaches once and for all.

We'll uncover and resolve the root causes behind failures and performance issues so you can stay focused on keeping your business humming.

And we'll alert you if we discover any security or IT issues that by resolving would help improve your business operations or security posture.

From computers and networks to security, cloud and web services, we are the cure for all small and mid-sized business IT headaches.

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Small Business IT Experts

With almost 30 years of experience in IT support helping businesses and decision makers solve their IT challenges, we have the skills and experience to give small and mid-sized business peace of mind.

We secure business computers and networks, organize IT assets and provide the essential IT services that businesses need and then we combine it with the best IT support available .

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Ready to find out more?

Call Us:  (650) 395 - 8915

Drop us a line today or fill out our contact form for a free consultation!

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